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Founded in 2015, One.Love.Loudoun holds fundraisers, drives, and community service opportunities to support, or in conjunction with, startup nonprofits in Loudoun County who have not received grants or funding and that want to pool their resources to help each other AND the community. 


One.Love.Loudoun uses local resources to create local solutions to local issues with the support of local residents and local businesses.

In 2016, we are focused on creating projects where kids of all ages can get involved. We want our youth to be engaged with our senior community, with our first responders, with our veterans, with the underprivileged and with there emotionally/mentally challenged peers. With the huge need for community philanthropy, we can't start young enough. We need to provide our youth with the tools and opportunities that will help them be successful leaders of the future.

We can talk about it all we want, but actions speak louder than words... we need to demonstrate the importance of kindness and giving back. Children learn through playing. They learn by modeling after their parents and peers. One.Love.Loudoun is excited to be creating the means to instill the importance of community service in our county's youth in 2016.


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Show support to your local county and to One.Love.Loudoun by purchasing bumper sticker for only $5! You can also mail a check, give cash to one of our board members, or paypal us!